Training is a great opportunity to develop your leadership, your organisation or your team. All our training courses use only skills, tools, methods and techniques, which are scientifically proven and which can easily be put into practice. However, that is not Desis’ unique added value. After all, you can google those models and tools yourself. We help you to actually apply these skills and tools in order to become more effective in practice. Only then can sustainable change materialise.

Often you yourself know very well what you should be doing differently. But actually doing it proves to be very difficult… This is what makes behavioural change so hard…. because you have to practise it, because you have to work through a certain amount of discomfort, and because you have to repeat it, over and over again, like training for a tennis match or a 10 km run…
This is why our training courses are based on experiential learning. Experiences that touch and teach us something, are 100 times better remembered than reading, listening or watching. Consequently, this means many practical exercises and facilitation in how you can put your change in behaviour into practice in a robust and sustainable way.

Examples of training courses Desis can offer:

Leading change;
Who do I want to be as a leader?
Management skills;
Leading professionals;
First time leadership;
Senior leadership;
Strategic influencing;
Stakeholder engagement;
Communication skills;
Team development;
Negotiation skills;
Conflict management;
Presentation skills;
We also organise (international) leadership journeys.

Desis, Training

Of course we also deliver specific, tailor made training courses, adapted to the developmental requirements of the team/organisation.

Would you like more information about the different trainings? Please contact us.