When addressing organisation development, we assess where you stand now with your organisation and what your ambitions are for the future. What is required in order to get there?
Often, you know what you want, how to define your processes and whom you need in order to get there. However, then it has to start happening…
And the most difficult aspect arrives:


Successful collaboration is extremely complex. It requires agreement on issues that we often take for granted:

What do we expect from each other?
Which behaviour do we accept, which not?
What are our norms and values?
Which agreements do we make about these?
What do we do when these agreements are not met?
How will we deal with differences of opinion, vision or even conflict?
How do we provide feedback to each other?
How do we build and maintain trust?

Desis, Organisatieontwikkeling

Above topics are much more abstract than a well defined KPI. Time after time it becomes evident that successful organisations are those, which spend a lot of effort on exactly these topics. Answering above questions together is an enormously important success factor in achieving effective collaboration. This will help you create mutual trust. And when there is trust, it becomes possible to delegate and let go. Your team(s) and colleagues will be able to take on more responsibilities, thus providing you with more time for the important things: vision, mission, strategy, customers, your family…

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