Desis means ‘The Connection’ in ancient Greek. The ability to connect is essential in order to get people going in the right direction. If you are not connected with yourself, how can you connect with others: your team, colleagues, customers, your organisation or society as a whole?
And if you cannot connect with others, how can you inspire and motivate people to work with you?

Desis facilitates individuals, teams and organisations in their development to become and to stay successful and effective.
Two questions are essential in this development:
• Who do you want to be as a leader?
• What do you do in order to make other people want to work with you? (and there is a large difference between wanting and having to work with someone…)


Leadership Development

We believe everybody deserves a good boss and every boss deserves a good team. However, this is not always automatically the case. Leadership too is a profession that requires knowledge, skills and effort.

Organisation Development

When addressing organisation development, we assess where you presently stand with your organisation and what your ambitions are for the future. What is required in order to get there?


Training is one of the possibilities to develop your leadership, your organisation or your team. Take a look at our training opportunities.

Executive coaching

Leadership is a wonderful profession. However, being a leader can also be lonely. With whom do you discuss your dilemmas? How do you ensure your continuous development as a leader and as a human being?