Leadership is a wonderful profession; you obtain the opportunity to not only develop your organisation, but also your people. You receive power to take decisions, make a difference…. However, leadership can also be lonely. With whom can you discuss your dilemmas? How will you ensure your continuous development as a leader and as a human being?
Executive coaching is offered exactly for this. A central question to be answered is: who do I want to be as a leader?
How will you move off the beaten track within your organisation? What does that require? How will you hold on to the direction in which you want to move and keep the courage to defend what you stand for? Authenticity, integrity, connection and (self)confidence are parameters which we will investigate together.

Executive Coaches

Our executive coaches all have an excellent track record and more than 10 years of experience in coaching (international) executives.

Of course we will hold an extensive intake by telephone before commencing a coaching trajectory. In addition, we offer the possibility to enter one of our peer coaching groups after having completed a training or coaching trajectory.
In these peer coaching groups, you will meet leaders from other organisations with whom you can learn together and discuss dilemmas from daily practice.

Desis, Executive coaching
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